Installation and set up of a free antivirus software for Windows

what is an antivirus software?

An antivirus is a type of software that protects the computer from malicious threats such as virus, Trojan, worm, malware, spyware, rootkit infections, spyware, keyloggers, ransomware, adware, etc.

An antivirus software comes with a library of lists, which contains all the information about the viruses known or detected up till the date. With the update of antivirus software, it also automatically updates the list of viruses in its library/database. An antivirus software scans the files in your system and checks if any file consists of a matching hash value as of viruses registered in its database. Once it matches, it notifies you that the file is infected and suggest possible option for the mitigation of the file, i.e repairment or removal of the infected file from your system.


Click on to download free kaspersky security cloud antivirus software for Windows


Open the executable file you just downloaded and right click to choose “run it as administrator”. The output will show like below :


Keep the selected options as default and click on “Install”

Then it starts to download the full application as below :


Go to Create account to start using Kaspersky Security Cloud and all its adaptive features.


Go to MY Kaspersky and protect all your devices with Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free.

STEP 6 :

Install additional features that come as part of the service, including super-helpful Password Manager. Click on Run to start enjoying your free kaspersky antivirus services.


Although antivirus softwares in your system helps you to identify and eradicate cyber security issues, it doesn’t guarantee full safety to your device and privacy. Thus one needs to implement digital security best practices as a priority and as we say “You are the best Antivirus” 

A good antivirus software consists of good virus detection and removal features. It should consist of a comprehensive database of malwares which stays up to date with the latest security threats and help users to scan and remove them with ease. Speed and accuracy in detecting malwares with easy UI (user interface) for all is a must.


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