What is Tibet Action Institute?


In 2008, as eyes turned to China before the Beijing Olympics, Tibetans rose up across Tibet. Massive solidarity protests around the globe followed. A new chapter of the Tibetan resistance was born, as Tibetans strategically embraced tactics of self-reliance and noncooperation on a scale never seen before. Tibet Action Institute was formed the following year to support this changing resistance landscape, providing intensive training on lessons of strategic nonviolent action drawn from other successful human rights and democracy movements around the globe, while helping Tibetans inside and outside Tibet capitalize on new information and communication technologies and defend against relentless cyber attacks and surveillance from China.


By training and educating Tibetans everywhere in the art and methods of nonviolent resistance and safe and effective use of new information and communication technologies, we build a movement that is equipped to successfully wage the strategic civil resistance campaigns that will bring positive change to Tibet.


Tibet Action Institute combines the power of digital communication with strategic nonviolent action to advance the Tibetan freedom movement. We bring together expert campaigners, strategists, and technologists to develop and implement visionary strategies and innovative training, education, and technology programs, equipping Tibetans with the tools and knowledge to achieve human rights and freedom in Tibet.

Please visit https://tibetaction.net/ for more info.