How to recover your forgotten Facebook password ?

If you don’t use a password manager, those complex passwords can be pretty hard to remember. If you’ve forgotten your Facebook password, you can’t really recover that same password, but it’s easy enough to recover your account by resetting your password to something new.

Whether you’ve forgotten your Facebook password, or have had someone else change it without your permission, Facebook offers a pretty simple way to recover. And what we’re talking about here is recovering your account if you’ve totally forgotten your password. Changing your Facebook password is a little different—that’s when you know your current password, but just want to change it to a new one.

After an unsuccessful login attempt, Facebook should show you a “Recover Your Account” button under the password field. Go ahead and click that.

Note: If you’ve forgotten both the email (or phone number) and your password, you’ll have to head to the Facebook homepage, and click the “Forgotten Account” link under the login fields instead of using the technique we’re talking about in this article.

Next, enter the email address you used to sign up for your Facebook account, and then click the “Search” button.

If Facebook finds a match, it shows you on the results screen. Click the “This Is My Account” button.

Depending on what type of information you provided when you set up your account (and the security settings you configured), you may be presented with different options to reset your password. Choose a method, and then click the “Continue” button.

Have Facebook Send a Code by Email

After you receive the code in the email you used to set up your account, you can click the “Click here to change your password” link, and then copy the reset code and paste it into the Facebook site. But, it’s easier to just click the “Change Password” button in the email and circumvent the whole code entry process.

Either option will take you to the same place—a screen prompting you to type a new password. Choose a strong password, and then click the “Continue” button.

Tips:  Use lastpass to store your password and to create password. 

Why Lastpass ?


LastPass never knows your master password. The company literally cannot decrypt your data. If LastPass is hacked and bad guys break into the LastPass servers, you’re still safe because the bad guys would only get heavily encrypted blobs that they could not decrypt. … It’s a very clever, very safe system.

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