Mobile security threats you should take seriously in 2020

Mobile security has became one of the top priority these days, as living in a digital work keeping private information and data secure is the top priority for companies and most individuals. if your information was gotten into wrong hand then it almost impossible to retrieve those information back. However, Tech companies comes up with a lot defense mechanism against those, yet adversaries are constantly try to breach the defense one way or another thus it’s important to find ways to protect your data and information.

With these invisible threats terrorizing your information on personal devices, You should know some measure to protect yourself from becoming the next victim.

Here are some mobile security threat you should worry about in 2020.

  1. Leaked Mobile Data
  2. Most important thing is the data you create and store in your device. Every data created by a user will be unique to its own device thus making it valuable and losing it, or unauthorized access to those data might have serious consequences in some cases. Data leaks are considered top priority with all companies: big or small. As a user certain time we unknowingly share information that aren’t suppose to share outside your company or your circle. For this kind of threat, there are certain measure and steps that could be the most effective protection form. The measure and step are explicitly designed to prevent exposure of sensitive data, such as in accidental incidences.

  3. WiFi Interference
  4. We have to keep in our mind that a mobile device is as secure as the network it is connected. Most of us are connect to internet through mobile data or WiFi. There are a lot of us who are connecting to open or unsecured WiFi every now and then. In there lies the great risk that anyone with means as access to the information that you send over. such as mailing ID and password etc. Use a VPN. A virtual private network (VPN) creates a secure tunnel over a public network.

  5. Social Engineering
  6. Due to recent COVID-19 pandemic, 27% of consumers hit with pandemic-themed phishing scams.Most users are likely to respond a phishing mail our on our mobile then on our desktop due to the fact the our mobile device is with us all the time. More and more phishing attacks are carried out via text messages, social media and games.To avoid phishing attacks, simplest thing will be be wary to what and where you click.

  7. Outdated Mobile Device
  8. In this case I will be referring to the devices that no longer receive security update or patch. Mobile OS which doesn’t receive security patch or updates are highly susceptible to attacks. In such cases don’t download apps from any third party source.

  9. Password
  10. Password play one of most vital role in securing your device. Half of mobile device user don’t protect their phones with password or other authentication method. According to some report today, most people use their smartphones to store sensitive data such as online banking details, sensitive corporate and personal information.

With such threats looming in our horizon, We must take a serious look into our mobile device security and pay attention to our digital hygiene. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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