Why Mobile Security is Important?

We have reached the point where there are more active mobile devices on the planet than people. Furthermore, number of mobile device users will increase year after year. Mobile phones have now become vulnerable because of the rapid progress in the mobile phone industry and the introduction of cloud services and apps. We have our contacts in there, our e-mails, tickets, bank account information, personal information, etc.

Mobile security involves protecting portable devices such as laptops, tablets, smart watches, and phones against cyber threats.  Today, the need for protection is more critical because we store a lot of sensitive data on these devices.  Studies show that mobile banking is one of the top three most used apps by Americans. The case is similar in other countries especially in the developing and emerging markets.

Most individuals and small businesses also use their smartphones and laptops to login into their emails and social media pages. With each day that passes, we are adding some data to our digital footprints through our mobile devices, making it easy for hackers to target us.

Lack of Cybersecurity awareness

What is worrying is not having digital footprints for they are inevitable but the high level of ignorance about cybersecurity by mobile internet users.

A survey by Consumer Report shows that 34 per cent of all smartphone owners do not bother at all with their devices cyber security. According to the study, this explains why so many people’s accounts get hacked when their mobile devices get lost or are stolen.

Also, few people take extra precautionary measures such as installing software that can track the phone if it is stolen, an antivirus, software that can erase data on the phone and encryption measures such as VPN.

To help you understand why mobile security is important today, let’s take a look at basic mobile security tips that will help you fight against mobile-based threats:

  • Install mobile antivirus software only from an established cybersecurity vendor.
  • Never install apps asking for too many details, and be aware of the permissions/access you are giving an app. People who don’t know why mobile security is important today can easily fall victim to intrusive apps.
  • Never download apps from websites or from unofficial app stores. If you really need to download the app, then make sure that your phone has an antivirus protection  app.
  • In case your phone gets stolen, enable “Find my Android” or “Find My iPhone” to wipe/lock your stolen phone or locate lost devices. Users who don’t know why mobile security is important today will not have this feature and thus be unable to recover their phones.
  • Use a password lock or pin to protect your mobile phones from unauthorized access when you leave them unattended. To tighten your phone’s security, use a fingerprint lock, which isa safe and effective means of shielding your mobile phone.
  • Update your device with the latest security patches. People who know why mobile security is important today understand why updating is vital.
  • If you are using a public Wi-Fi connection, use VPNs.
  • Take regular phone backups.
  • To safeguard sensitive data on your phone, make sure to use an encryption application.
  • Never open suspicious documents even if they have been sent from a known contact. Always have an element of doubt when emails, calls, etc. ask for your personal details, like passwords and usernames. If you understand why mobile security is important today, enable two-factor authentication when available.
  • For Android mobile devices, make sure that you have chosen and enabled Google Play Protect. In settings, enable the “Verify Apps” feature and disable “unknown sources” if you are not using them.

Why it is mobile security is important?

Your sensitive data is protected
– Malware installation and hackers can be prevented and stopped by installing a reliable antivirus tool.
– It prevents you from clicking malicious links camouflaged as genuine ones. By clicking on these links, you are making way for the automatic installation of viruses, Trojans, and malware.
– Besides antivirus, a good mobile security solution will also provide additional security measures, like a VPN, a data erasing app, and a phone tracking app.

You’re protected against malvertisers 
– The ads by malvertizers are loaded with viruses, malware, and Trojans and will likely create loopholes in your mobile devices, making a way for hackers to enter.
– Certain malverts can take you to more dangerous websites. This happens when your mobile phones are infected with viruses or when all your critical data are stolen and held for a huge ransom.

You’re not vulnerable to malware, and virus attacks
– Installing good antivirus software will inform you in advance if you are infected with viruses or malware, and you will also to know the level of the impact.
– An antivirus will instantly delete specific forms of viruses and malware, thus preventing possible dangers.

You can delete your data on lost devices automatically, and remotely.
– Mobile security prevents you from losing your phone containing vital personal or business data.
– To prevent the loss of company or personal data, an excellent mobile security solution will be able to erase data stored in your phone. This indeed will help prevent individuals from misusing your phone to execute a cyberattack.

Notify you when there is security patches are released.
– In any cybersecurity strategy, software patching plays a crucial role. Software updates mostly include software patches that are responsible for covering security holes to keep hackers out.
– This service provided by good mobile security software will prevent cyberattacks from ruining your reputation and causing major damage to your business.

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