How open Incognito / Private Window in a Browser

Incognito/Private mode is a particular method of surfing the web via a web browser. It allows a user to hide their web activities from other users on a single, shared personal computer by automatically erasing their browsing/search history and by deleting all cookies at the end of each session.

Section 1. Go incognito in Google Chrome

Step 1. Open Google Chrome Browser and click on

Step 2. Select New incognito window or Press Ctrl+Shift+N.

Step 3. A new incognito window will open

Chrome won’t save the following information:
– Your browsing history
– Cookies and Site data
– Information entered in forms

Your activity might still be visible to:
– Website you visit
– Your employer or school
– Your internet service provider

Section 2. Open New Private Window in Firefox

Step 1. Open Firefox and Click on

Step 2. Select New incognito window or Press Ctrl+Shift+N.

Step 3. A New Private Window will Open

Common Myth about Private Browsing

Myth 1: Private Browsing makes you anonymous on the internet.

Myth 2: Private Browsing removes all traces of your browsing activity from your computer.

Myth 3: Private Browsing doesn’t display any browsing history.

Myth 4: Private Browsing will protect you from keystroke loggers and spyware.

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