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What is TibCERT?

The Tibetan Computer Emergency Readiness Team (TibCERT) seeks to create a formal, coalition-based structure for reducing and mitigating online threats in the Tibetan community, as well as to expand Tibetans’ technical research capacity on threats in the diaspora and surveillance and censorship inside Tibet, ultimately ensuring greater online freedom and security for Tibetan society as […]

How to become a member of TibCERT?

TibCERT aims to build a coalition-based structure for preventing and mitigating online threats in the Tibetan Community. To achieve this goal, support services are provided through a membership model. To become a member, you can either send an email to or call on +919882407365 to speak to Lobsang Gyatso Sither (TibCERT Program Manager)

what are the TibCERT services?

These are some of the services which will be provided to a member organization. The services are outlined below: Training on Digital Security Organizational Security Audit Guidance of secure tools and infrastructure deployment Digital Security Policy Development and Implementation Digital Security Incident Response TibCERT will deploy a helpdesk and members would have priority in terms […]

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