How to install and set up Password Manager.

KeePass Password Safe is a free and open-source password manager primarily for Windows. It officially supports macOS and Linux operating systems through the use of Mono. 

In this article we will guide u through how to install and set up keeps in your devices.

For Window:

1. You can visit this link to download keepass.

2. This below screen will appear on your media, then click on Download now as shown in image.

3. It will initiate the download process for keepass executable file. Once done then click on it.

3. When you click on the downloaded executable file. The installation process for Keepass will begin.

4. Then this screen will appear. Click on “Run” button

5. Select the desired language and click on OK button.

6. Click on the checkbox in-front of ”I accept the agreement.”

7. Then click on Next Button.

8. Select the destination of the file and then click Next button.

9. Select the desired option and click on Next.

10. Then select additional task that you require and click on the Next button.

11. Check for your set up and click on Install button.

12. It may take some seconds to complete the installation

13. Click on finish once installation is complete.

Keepass is successfully installed on your device and you can enjoy the benefits of this software.

For Mac:

1.Initially visit this link

2. Web as below will appear den click on the “”.

3. To install keepass on Mac OS, you also need to install

  1. Install Mono ≥ 3.0 (
  2. Install XQuartz ≥ 2.7.4 (
  3. Download one of the KeePass application ZIP packages above, unpack it and move the contents into your ‘Applications’ folder.

4. As shown in the picture above in rectangle bracket.

5. Once the zip folder for the keepass is downloaded.

6. Visit this path Finder>Downloads>

7. Click on the zip folder to extract the files.

8. Once the file is extracted it will as shown below in the same folder, click on its logo to start using the application.

For Ubuntu:

Step 1: Add KeePass Repository

Before installing KeePass it will be necessary to add the following repository so that its installation is correct:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jtaylor/keepass

Step 2: Update Packages

Once the repository is installed, we proceed to update it by executing the following line:

sudo apt update

Step 3: Install & Configure KeePass

We will proceed to install KeePass on Ubuntu 18.04 by running the following line:

sudo apt install keepass2

Once installed KeePass we can search it in the dash and have access to the application and this will be your environment:

The first step is to create the database where the passwords will be stored and for that we will click on File/New and the following window will be displayed where we will define the master password or the key file:

Once defined, click OK to apply the changes. We can see the various security and configuration options of the KeePass database:

The database is categorized by various object options where the password will be stored. If we want to add a new entry, just right click and select the option Add entry and complete the respective values as users and passwords.

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