Clarification on fake notice circulating on social media of “CTA Department of Religion and Culture on COVID-19”

It was originally on 17.03.2020, the department of Culture and Religion, CTA has broadcast a notice which advised all the monasteries and schools to be closed for a month due to the COVID-19 outbreak which was initially started from Wuhan. But then, some scandalmonger redrafted Wuhan with America in the statement and publicized the falsehood in our community.

Is the statement true or false?

Well, it’s a big FALSE

The original circular issued by the Department, concerning precautionary measures against coronavirus, stated China’s Wuhan city as the origin of the outbreak. After a while, CTA had to react to this hoax information by posting another statement regarding this false notice. For your better information, kindly check .

The later clarification post :

The whole information about this issue is directly taken from the CTA website. If any further information needed on this particular subject then kindly visit:

Notes:  As the whole nation comes to standstill, the internet is swinging into an action. To reach out which is true and which are false, we must be careful before sharing any news and verify whether it is from a genuine source or not. 

Think before you share!


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