Is The Numbers In The Spreadsheet Refers To That Of Tibetan Settlements?

There are many Tibetan settlements spread all across India, In this Covid19 pandemic there have been many cases of people being infected and dying. A spreadsheet and 2 graphs of people who are infected categorized in different states and names of the settlements that are in that state are being forwarded. people are confused and mislead in the direction that those numbers are that of Tibetan settlements.

Tibetan Translation On Misinformation of Nobel Laureate Tasuku Honjo says Covid19 Was ‘Man-Made’, Is It True?

In the Covid-19 corinavirus disease pandemic, there has been many variations of claims on where and how the virus was manufactured. Among which many claimed that it was originated from Wuhan, China. While dozens of medical experts have already debunked this idea (the evidence indicates that the virus evolved naturally), this bit of misinformation continued to spread on social media.